How to Stop Emotional Eating it is Killing You (Part2)

Stop Emotional Eating

6 Proven Strategies to Help You Stop Emotional Eating (Part 2 Click Here for Part 1) Identify What Makes it Happen Being self-aware is a big challenge and yet a vital step if you want to be successful to stop emotional eating. For the most part, you just go through life not thinking much about…

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How To Overcome Emotional Eating and Gain Control of Your Life (Part1)

Emotional Eating

Is Emotional Eating Making You Stressed and Overweight? (Part 1 Click Here for Part 2) The phrase “eating your feelings” can conjure up a funny image of someone eating a giant heart shaped cookie. However, emotional eating is not only a significant factor towards being overweight or obese, but it can also take a real toll…

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