How To Increase Leptin – What Foods To Eat

how to increase leptin

If you want to know how to Increase Leptin, then here is what you need to know.

If you are wondering on how to increase leptin to lose weight, it is important to understand two things. First, you need to be sure that you are not Leptin Resistant. Second, if you want to know how to reverse leptin resistance, then you need to know that is will take time and consistency to optimize your leptin functions. This process is not a quick weight loss scheme; it is a long-term hormone correction process that will give you lasting benefits.

To make sure your body is processing leptin correctly there are certain foods you want to eat, and others that you should avoid. If you are leptin resistant don't fret, it is possible to reverse this process. However, it will take time, commitment and a change in your diet and exercise routines, but it is possible.


Foods with Leptin

how to increase leptin

To deal with leptin deficiencies, many people are looking for foods that contain leptin. However, it is important to understand that food doesn't contain leptin. Rather, leptin is a hormone that cannot be digested. It goes the same for Leptin Supplement. A more desired focus would be to search for foods that increase leptin or better yet food that enhances the leptin process. Many of the complications that are present with leptin resistance are that the foods we eat block our leptin receptors. At this point, it is time for a leptin reset.

Kill the Carbs

One of the primary ways we can achieve this is to limit carbohydrates. The carbs you DO eat should be whole. Think brown for bread and pasta. The reason for Brown is because they have whole rather than refined grains that have caramel coloring. Oatmeal is an excellent source for an easy whole grain, high fiber, food. If you choose a no carb diet, make sure you allow yourself carbs one day a week. The body needs to know this energy source is available or it will go into starvation mode.

Of Course Vegies

Eat your vegetables! Spinach turns up at the top of the list again and again as a highly effective food for counteracting leptin resistance. It is low in calories but high in fiber and volume. You can eat a lot of spinach without adding calories or carbohydrates. It will help you feel full sooner. Not only is it packed with nutrients, but it also gives you lots of zinc. Low levels of zinc often correlate with low levels of leptin. Zinc deficiencies and obesity have commonalities. Increase your levels of zinc by eating more beans, cocoa, grass-fed beef, lamb, mushrooms, pumpkin and seafood, and of course, spinach.

Heavy on the Protein


Start your day with protein. Contrary to our culture’s propensity for starting the day with cereal, toast, or baked goods, your body needs lots of protein. Optimal breakfasts choices include omelets or scrambled eggs to start the day. Eating protein first thing in the morning fuels your body for the whole day. You will feel less hungry, and your leptin hormones thrive with protein.

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NEVER – Fructose Added Sugar Sugar Substitutes and Processed Flour

When searching for other methods on how to increase leptin and reduce your leptin resistance, there are some foods to avoid. Fructose absolutely must go. High fructose corn syrup is a cheap way to sweeten foods. They are used to manufacture sweet foods such as soda, snack cereals, and many other products, read the label. Processed flour is another dangerous food. As mentioned before, avoid white bread, pasta, and rice. Do not use artificial sweeteners or refined white sugar. Learn to enjoy the natural taste of food; this will help you immensely when trying to restore your leptin functions.

Get Off Your Butt

how to increase leptin

In addition to eating the right food to increase your leptin sensitivity, it is also important to include exercise in the recipe. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best bank for the buck. Extended periods of cardio tell your body it needs energy for the long run and so you feel hungrier. After a day of healthy eating, and moderate exercise, be sure to leave yourself at least eight hours to sleep. Sleep is critical to help your body regulate leptin levels. Controlling your leptin levels and leptin sensitivity may not lead to losing weight immediately, but it will result in losing weight over time and improved your overall health. Now you are better equipped on how to increase leptin, good luck and please check back soon for more great tips.

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